My Games:
Terpsichore (PalmOS and PocketPC, 2004) In development. Watch for more information.
Role-playing game for PDAs. Fully 3D with state-of-the-art graphics. Click here for video (20meg. Requires XviD)

Knights of Zarria (PC OpenGL, 2001)
A frantic arcade-style shoot-em-up. It's lots of fun. You should play it.
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Zarria (PC DirectDraw, 1997)
More of a "software toy" than a game. Create and explore isometric tile-based environments. Features realtime software lighting, fast A* pathfinding and weather effects including rain and lightning
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Kill the Rabbit (Macintosh, 1996)
Created using 100% Motorola 68030 assembly. Hunt zombie rabbits in a procedurally generated isometric maze.

Warthog Games:
Games described below are in development at Warthog:Texas.
Screenshots are Copyright 2004 by Warthog.
Fallen Kingdoms (PC and Xbox)
The largest project I've worked on to date. The entire team of artists, programmers, and designers is very talented. This game is gonna rock. I created the rendering pipeline and all shaders for the game.
some interesting features:
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Conquest: Vyrium Uprising
Another game-in-progress, which also totally rocks. This game extends the code base of Conquest:Frontier Wars with modern rendering techniques, including parallax displacement, per-pixel lighting, and fresnel reflection.
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