If you are a friend of Ryan with a web page, send me the URL and I will link it here.

Friends who make video games:
Tom Mauer, Game & Graphics programmer.
Anthony Salter, Creator of old-skool RPGs and weblogs and other things.
Dave Shramek, Designer of games, reader of comicbooks, drinker of coffee
Tommy Spampinator, Artist, Snack-food Inventor
T.J. O'Leary, Rock Star
Sam Gage, Genius
Kevin Albers, Musician, Artist
Michael Mckinley, Maya Guru, author
Grayson Chalmers, Animator Extraordinaire
Ben Mathis, Super Awesome Character Artist
Wynne McLaughlin, Game Designer, Screenwriter, and all-around good fellow
Michael Morlan, Austin Film Tool
James Bradford, 3D Artist!
John Sommer, Photographer, 3D Artist, Flying Ace

Friends who don't make video games:
Gaurav Patel, Mad Scientist (Indian)
David Molfese, Mad Scientist (non-Indian)
John Bachir, Documentarian
Cole Goeppinger, Iowan
Thomas Tucker, Thespian
Monique Carbonell, Miniature Panamanian
Ryan Schmidt, Kraut
Larry Benson, Cousin
Grayson Lang, Digital Samurai

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